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Stop Killer Robots calls for new international law on autonomy in weapons systems.

Global poll shows 61% oppose Killer Robots

Public opinion is in line with the Campaign’s call for action to prevent the development of killer robots. It’s time to negotiate a treaty to prohibit fully autonomous weapons. The survey of 26 countries was conducted in December…


Rise of the tech workers

A group of more than 4,000 anonymous Google employees has fittingly been named 2018 “Arms Control Person of the Year” for their role in helping the company to end a military contract that raised ethical and other concerns over…


Fragile diplomatic talks limp forward

Reflecting the fragility of multilateralism today, states have agreed that the diplomatic talks on lethal autonomous weapons systems—killer robots—will limp forward next year, with even less time dedicated. The weak outcome at the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) annual meeting underscores the critical need for bold political leadership to prevent dehumanizing the use of force.

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