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Let’s work together to ensure we don’t allow creeping automation to replace human decision making where it should be most present.

Governments and companies are rapidly developing weapons systems with increasing autonomy using new technology and artificial intelligence. These ‘killer robots’ could be used in conflict zones, by police forces and in border control. A machine should not be allowed to make a decision over life and death. Let’s act now to protect our humanity and make the world a safer place.



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Sign the petition

Together with Amnesty International we have launched a petition: "We call on government leaders around the world to launch negotiations for new international law on autonomy in weapons systems - to ensure human control in the use of force and to prohibit machines that target people, reducing us to objects, stereotypes, and data points."
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Everything you need to know about: DIGITAL DEHUMANISATION

With growing Digital Dehumanisation, the Stop Killer Robots coalition works to ensure human control in the use of force. Our campaign calls for new international law on autonomy in weapons systems.

Join us over the next few months, as Stop Killer Robots campaigner Hayley chats with a host of interesting people to get to grips with Digital Dehumanisation: what it is, what it means for you and the world as a whole and how we can take a stand against it.
READ MORE on Digital Dehumanisation
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Contact your representative

We need parliamentarians around the world to take action against autonomous weapons systems and begin negotiations for new international law on autonomous weapons systems.
You can support our parliamentary pledge by downloading our template letter to contact your political representative and ask them to endorse our parliamentary pledge.
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Share your story

Are you working to prevent digital dehumanisation or creeping automation in society? Are you committed to stopping the automation of killing? Are you dedicated to ensuring technologies don’t entrench or exacerbate existing bias, inequalities, or oppression? Get in touch, share your story with us and be part of our website’s Real Stories - featuring incredible people working against digital dehumanisation and the automation of violence.
Real stories
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Hold a workshop

We didn’t expect a campaign to Stop Killer Robots to be needed in the world - but it is. All our lives are affected by the growing influence of automated decision making. The movement to Stop Killer Robots is made up of everyone working to build a society in which technology is developed and used to promote peace, justice, human rights, and equality - not automate killing. Hold or plan a workshop digging into these issues with your community, your university, your political representatives, or other interested people, whoever they may be. For more information on setting up a workshop, contact us.
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Make a pledge


Autonomous weapons - an Open Letter from AI and robotics researchers

Just as most chemists and biologists have no interest in building chemical or biological weapons, most AI researchers have no interest in building AI weapons. Sign the open letter from AI and robotics researchers supporting regulation of autonomous weapons beyond meaningful human control.


Join military personnel calling for a ban on autonomous weapons

If you are a veteran or serving member of the military who is concerned about the impending third revolution in warfare - and what this will mean for the chain of command, order, accountability, and safety for members of the military and civilians around the world – add your voice to the call to regulate autonomous weapon systems.


The interfaith statement on killer robots

"An urgent and firm rejection of the development of fully autonomous weapons is essential to preserving our shared humanity.” Faith organizations and faith leaders are encouraged to endorse the joint interfaith statement, 'A Plea for Preserving Our Shared Humanity'.


An autonomous weapons pledge

Thousands of AI researchers agree that autonomous weapons could become powerful instruments of violence and oppression, especially when linked to surveillance and data systems. Join those pledging to neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade, or use of autonomous weapons.

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