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Research and monitoring

News and developments in autonomy in weapons systems from Automated Decision Research.

Automated Decision Research (ADR) is the monitoring and research team of Stop Killer Robots.

They track state support for a legally binding instrument on autonomous weapons systems and conduct research and analysis on responses to autonomy and automated decision-making in warfare and wider society.

They also monitor weapons systems, either already existing or announced as in development, with features that might be informative to considerations around autonomy in weapons systems.

ADR was created in 2021 and launched in 2022, it produces reports, briefings and fact sheets, and sends out regular newsletters on news and developments in autonomy in weapons systems and other related areas.

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Read the latest reports and briefings from the Automated Decision Research team below.



Targeting people and digital dehumanisation

This short briefing paper addresses the need for a prohibition on autonomous weapons systems designed or used to target humans, and the digital dehumanisation inherent in such systems.

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