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Our Vision and Values

We didn’t expect a Campaign to Stop Killer Robots to be needed in the world – but it is.

Weapon systems are increasingly enabled to use computer programming and sensors to identify and select targets, getting closer to machines making decisions over whom to kill. At the same time, all our lives are affected by the growing influence of computer processing and algorithmic thinking, which shapes our interactions in the world and the outcomes available to us.

These technological developments warn us to hold onto the fundamentals of humanity and to value each other not through calculation but through understanding.


The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is working for a world:

  • in which we respect each other’s inherent dignity;
  • where we all take responsibility for how our choices regarding technology change the relationships between us, individually and collectively;
  • in which technology is developed and used to promote peace, justice, human rights, equality and respect for law; and
  • where people work together, as activists, to build a better society and overcome inequalities and systems of oppression.
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It is a world that rejects the automation of killing and instead, promotes the principle of human control over emerging technologies that affect our lives, livelihoods, and relations with each other.


Towards that vision, we seek:

  • to build and strengthen social norms that reject autonomous killing by machine in warfare, policing, border control and other circumstances;
  • to demand meaningful human control, which ensures responsibility and accountability, in any use of force;
  • to counter digital dehumanisation and to protect human rights, now and in the future; • to build recognition that we are individually and collectively responsible for developing and shaping the technologies that frame interaction between us;
  • to challenge the inequalities and oppressions in society that are reproduced or exacerbated through technology.
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In furtherance of these goals, we are working for an international legal instrument that prohibits machines that determine whom to kill and requires meaningful human control over the use of force.

Values and principles

  • We believe in the inherent dignity of all people, in life and in death.
  • We believe in equality and the right to control our own identities free from structures of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, ability, sexuality, socio-economic status and other labels.
  • We respect the diversity of individuals and communities, and believe this diversity must not be reduced to fixed labels, and ascribed fixed values, but should actively inform and challenge our shared ethical space.
  • We believe in pursuing non-violent solutions to problems, and using cooperation, negotiation, and activism to build the social responses that are needed, not merely convenient.
  • We promote law as a social process, created by people for people, and requiring social engagement in order to ensure it works to assist the vulnerable not the already powerful. • We promote the empowerment of people as authors and controllers of technology and resist the mechanisation of our relationships with each other, as individuals and through political structures.
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Why we exist

We didn’t expect a Campaign to Stop Killer Robots to be needed in the world - but it is.

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