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A shared movement

Technology should be used to empower all people, not to reduce us – to stereotypes, labels, objects, or just a pattern of 1’s and 0’s.

Stop Killer Robots is a growing global coalition of civil society organisations working together to prevent digital dehumanisation, build a better society and overcome inequalities and systems of oppression. But the campaign to Stop Killer Robots isn’t just us, we are part of a shared movement.

This shared movement is part of a global effort to recognise the impact of the technology we create and our responsibility to ensure it is used within limits and with accountability. This movement is everyone working to build a society in which technology is developed and used to promote peace, justice, human rights, equality and respect for law – not automate killing.


“Imagine the consequences of an autonomous system that could, by itself, target and attack human beings. I call upon States to ban these weapons, which are politically unacceptable and morally repugnant.”
António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations

International Committee of the Red Cross

“The use of autonomous weapon systems entails risks due to the difficulties in anticipating and limiting their effects. This loss of human control and judgement in the use of force and weapons raises serious concerns from humanitarian, legal and ethical perspectives...With a view to supporting current efforts to establish international limits on autonomous weapon systems that address the risks they raise, the ICRC recommends that States adopt new legally binding rules.”
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26 Nobel Peace Laureates

“We, the undersigned Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, applaud this new global effort and whole-heartedly embrace its goal of a preemptive ban on fully autonomous weapons that would be able to select and attack targets on their own. It is unconscionable that human beings are expanding research and development of lethal machines that would be able to kill people without human intervention.”
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Our humanity

  • 3 in 5

    people polled in 28 countries in 2020 oppose using lethal autonomous weapons systems.

  • 66%

    of poll respondents are concerned that lethal autonomous weapons systems would “cross a moral line because machines should not be allowed to kill.”

  • 71%

    of youth surveyed in 10 countries believe that autonomous weapons would “threaten peace, security, and democracy for future generations.”

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"You cannot lead from behind"

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Jody Williams speaks with us about diplomatic talks on autonomous weapons at the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) at the United Nations in Geneva. "You cannot lead from behind".

The problems with killer robots

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Stop killer robots

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