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Could you escape killer robots?


From the use of facial recognition to smart homes, automated decision making and artificial intelligence are becoming part of our everyday lives. What does this have to do with killer robots? Governments and companies are developing weapons that automate the decision to use force.

We believe that technology should be used to empower all people, not to reduce us – to stereotypes, labels or just a pattern of 1’s and 0’s.

To bring that idea to life, and to support our petition to regulate autonomy in weapons systems, we’ve embraced some of those technologies and created a new interactive social media filter – a game we’re calling Escape the Scan.



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Escape the Scan

Escape the Scan is an augmented reality experience that invites you to move around to escape the killer robot’s scan. It’s available through your Facebook or Instagram camera and you move around to see if you’re able to escape the scan before the time runs out.

Click the link below or search 'Escape The Scan' in Camera Effects to try it for yourself!

Try to Escape The Scan

Help protect our shared humanity

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Thankfully the filter isn’t like real life killer robots so if you can’t escape, you can just try again...

While the filter is a bit of fun, there is a more serious point to be made though: The unfortunate truth is that if you were actually targeted by an autonomous weapon, whether that’s because of your location, proximity to others, your race, or even gender for example, there likely would be no escape at all.

We want your help to call for new international law because machines shouldn't kill people. There is an opportunity to act now before technological developments have gone too far and the outcome irreversible.

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Seriously though…

We're further down that path than most realise - a United Nations Expert Group highlighted to the Security Council the use of 'lethal autonomous weapon systems' in attacks in Libya in 2020 where fighters were ‘hunted down and remotely engaged.’ And it’s not even limited to armed forces - it can also be private civilian companies whose tech and workforce have contributed to the development of problematic technologies - currently there is no control or limits to the tech that’s being developed and the way in which lives can be taken. There are even promotional videos on YouTube advertising their features and abilities!

Let’s work together to keep the use of force under human control.

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