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Contact your political representatives and ask them to endorse our parliamentary pledge.

It’s time to reject the automation of violence. We need parliamentarians around the world to take action against autonomous weapons systems and begin negotiations for new international law on autonomous weapons systems.


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You can support our parliamentary pledge. Download or copy our template letter below to contact your political representative and ask them to endorse our parliamentary pledge. Additional templates in Spanish, French, and Arabic can be found below.

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Dear [Name],

Machines are replacing humans in the application of violent force, with unpredictable and devastating consequences for humanity. After 9 years of discussions at the United Nations, a growing consensus has emerged that new international law is needed to safeguard against the ethical, legal, and security risks posed by autonomous weapon systems.

The Stop Killer Robots campaign, a coalition of 200+ NGOs across 70+ countries, has established a Parliamentary Pledge (​ This pledge is open to any member of a national, state/regional, or international parliament or congress, in any part of the world:

We, the undersigned parliamentarians, are deeply concerned about the ethical, legal, and humanitarian risks posed by the development and use of autonomy in weapon systems. Machines should not kill people. We pledge to support our governments to negotiate new international law on autonomous weapon systems that rejects the automation of killing and ensures meaningful human control over the use of force.

As your constituent, I am asking you to endorse this pledge to ensure a more peaceful world now and for generations to come. To take the pledge, you can email [email protected] from your official parliamentary account indicating that you wish to be added, or email a signed copy of the pledge.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


It’s time for parliamentarians to act

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Are you a political representative? Find out more about the Parliamentary Pledge and what steps you can take to reject the automation of killing.

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