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Stop Killer Robots calls for new international law on autonomy in weapons systems.

#Youth4Disarmament are taking on killer robots

What happens when you bring 75 youth passionate about disarmament affairs to New York, introduce them to experts in the field, and put them together on a…ship? Just a regular day for Peace Boat, who held “Youth Champions for Securing…

Laura Nolan - Photo by Clare Conboy

Why tech workers should oppose Killer Robots

Laura Nolan, technologist and former Google software engineer – Photo by Clare Conboy There are many ethical, political and legal reasons to oppose autonomous weapons, which can…

Russia, United States attempt to legitimize killer robots

Russia and the United States are continuing their losing fight against the inevitable treaty that’s coming for killer robots. Most states participating in the diplomatic talks on lethal autonomous weapons systems have expressed their strong desire to negotiate a new…


Scouts, welcome to #TeamHuman

“What is a killer robot?” The refrain was heard over and over again at the edge of a small tent in the middle of West Virginia. As thousands of feet trampled down a path at the Summit Bechtel Scout…


10 Ways for Tech Workers to Get Involved

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots is a coalition of over a hundred civil society organizations working across 54 countries to stop the development and use of fully autonomous weapons through an international treaty. These weapons would be able to…


Minority of states delay effort to ban killer robots

  Yet again, a small group of military powers have shown an appalling lack of ambition and zero sense of urgency for achieving a meaningful result from the diplomatic talks on lethal autonomous weapons systems. Many of the 90 states…

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