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Stop Killer Robots calls for new international law on autonomy in weapons systems.

Our Top 5 moments of 2022

From the premiere of our very own documentary Immoral Code to the first-ever joint statement on autonomous weapons at the UN General Assembly, 2022 was a year of immense progress in the movement to ensure human control in the use…

Robotics industry takes a stand

This week, six robotics companies, including Boston Dynamics (the maker of Spot, the robot ‘dog’) published an open letter to the robotics industry, recognising that ‘adding weapons to robots raises 'new risks of harm and serious ethical issues.’

Stop Killer Robots at the Sziget Festival

“When we say killer robots, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?” This is the question we threw around at the Sziget music festival this year, and the answers we got were both interesting and revealing…

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