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My name is Sumaya Nur Hussein. I am a Somali-born Kenyan citizen. I am now studying law at Strathmore University Law School in Nairobi with an interest in artificial intelligence.

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As an African and future leader who stands to be affected by AI, I am passionate about spearheading research and stirring conversations about AI and the potential human rights violations that (could) arise from it. I truly align myself with the principles and the mission that Stop Killer Robots stands for.

As a Black, Muslim woman, legal and ethical issues that are raised by killer robots go to the core of my being.

In a world where automation is increasingly becoming part of our lives, the potential deployment of killer robots is one of the main threats to humanity. It is important that we assess these issues in an intersectional manner that considers race, gender, class and ethnicity within the context of an unequal economic order.

Growing up, I have been surrounded by intersections of stereotypes that are misogynistic – and some purely Islamophobic – and the possibility of living in a world where these same biases are duplicated by AI is truly a worry. Killer robots that can use force without human control do not appreciate the realities of gender, racial and religious oppression that are associated with the uses of violence at a local and international level. As such, they may make the existing unfavourable situations worse. Worse still, killer robots may also be programmed with gender, racial, and religious biases and may exacerbate discrimination against communities to which I belong.

I truly believe that change begins with brave individuals who are willing to address and mitigate the injustices in our societies, and are willing to stand firm to see that change come to light.

When individuals with the same mission meet, ultimate change occurs. That is why I am grateful to be a part of the Stop Killer Robots community that is working towards a ban on such weapons. It is truly an honour to be a part of this noble cause.

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