Talks on Killer Robots to Continue

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots welcomes the decision taken by nations at the Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) at the United Nations in Geneva today to continue their deliberations on “lethal autonomous weapons systems.” The decision is an important acknowledgement of the legal, technical, ethical, operational, and societal concerns that have been raised. The broad consensus expressed for continuing the […]

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Public outreach in the Netherlands


Concerns over killer robots and armed drones were at the forefront of a “Night of Peace” or “De Nacht van de Vrede” event convened by Dutch non-governmental organization PAX in Amsterdam on 24 September, which featured talks by international speakers including a drone operator and roboticist.

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Company pledges it won’t develop killer robots

A200 with sensors

ClearPath Robotics of Kitchener, Canada issued the following statement on 13 August 2014, pledging its support for the call for a preemptive ban on fully autonomous weapons. The company says it will continue to work with its military clients, but has “vouched to not manufacture weaponized robots that remove humans from the loop” as it “has chosen to value our […]

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