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Stop Killer Robots

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A machine should not be allowed to make a decision over life and death.

Formed in October 2012, Stop Killer Robots is a global coalition of over 180 non-governmental organisations in more than 65 countries. With growing digital dehumanisation, the Stop Killer Robots coalition works to ensure human control in the use of force. We call for new international law on autonomy in weapons systems. 

Part of our story from the beginning, Amnesty International is a co-founder of the Stop Killer Robots campaign and a current member of our Steering Committee.

Stop Killer Robots is part of a global movement to recognise the impact of the technology we create and our responsibility to ensure it is used within limits and with accountability.

We are working to build a society in which technology is developed and used to promote peace, justice, human rights, equality, and respect for the law – not automate killing.

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It’s important that political leaders know that the world is watching and expecting action.

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Stop killer robots

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