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The State of AI: Artificial Intelligence, the Military and Increasingly Autonomous Weapons

This report shows that an Artificial Intelligence (AI) arms race is in its infancy and warns of potentially catastrophic results for humanity if states do not ensure human control over emerging weapons technology.

PAX calls for states to agree to international rules banning lethal autonomous weapons and for the global private sector to agree not to work on the development of these weapons.

The report outlines the status of AI in military projects of seven countries: United States, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Israel and South Korea. The report also urges states to work together, with the international scientific community and with the private sector to protect humanity from an AI arms race that will be without winners. States should not be asking ‘How can we win the AI arms race?’ but rather ‘How can we prevent an AI arms race?’

This publication can be found on the PAX website here.

While we believe states should lead developments towards a pre-emptive ban on lethal autonomous weapons without meaningful human control, we also believe that scientists and companies working on these and related technologies have an interest and indeed a role to play in preventing such weapons from becoming reality.


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