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Framing Discussions on the Weaponization of Increasingly Autonomous Technologies

This 14-pp paper makes four observations for policy makers’ consideration as they approach discussions both in multilateral fora such as the CCW and the Human Rights Council, as well in their national policy dialogues.

There are currently discussions in a variety of national and international fora about autonomy and weapon systems. Yet governments are unsure of what they need to know in order to make responsible policy choices—and not all agree that specific policy is necessary. As these are early days in international, multilateral engagement on this issue, this paper seeks to help frame further dialogue on autonomy and weapon systems in a way that is both concise and relevant to policy-making, by helping direct attention to key issues and the areas of greatest concern.

This publication can be found on the UNIDIR website here

An initial hurdle to constructive dialogue on autonomy in weapon systems is that different assessments are made by different States, producers and experts as to where a specific technology sits on the autonomy spectrum


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