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Don't be evil? A survey of the tech sector’s stance on lethal autonomous weapons

This report investigates the role of the global tech sector in the development of lethal autonomous weapons, or killer robots.

Tech companies involved in making relevant technologies should put in place policies to make sure their products do not (unintentionally) contribute to the development of killer robots. Some companies, including Google, are already taking positive steps to this end, but others such as Amazon and Microsoft have so far refused to say no to killer robots. The report profiles 50 companies from around the world and ranks them low- to high-risk based on their public statements, policies and whether they have relevant military contracts.

This publication can be found on the PAX website here.

We cannot hand over the decision as to who lives and who dies to machines. They do not have the ethics to do so. I encourage you and your organizations to pledge to ensure that war does not become more terrible in this way.
Toby Walsh, professor of Artificial Intelligence at the University of New South Wales in Sydney


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