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Deadly Decisions – 8 objections to killer robots

This 32-page report by Dutch non-governmental organization PAX, a co-founder of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, highlights eight objections to killer robots and explains why a comprehensive and pre-emptive ban on these weapons is necessary.

Although killer robots do not exist yet, the rapid advances in military technology show that the capability to deploy fully autonomous weapons is on its way. PAX calls on states to not only address legal, policy and strategic concerns, but to consider the crucial ethical question: do we want to delegate the power to make life and death decisions to a machine?

This publication can be found on the PAX for Peace website here.

Killer robots are by nature unethical, because there is no longer a human in the loop when an attack takes place. War is about human suffering, the loss of human lives, and consequences for human beings. Killing with machines is the ultimate demoralization of war.

PAX for Peace

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