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A WILPF Guide to Killer Robots

A new resource guide for the WILPF network and broader public about autonomous weapon systems, also known as killer robots, bringing a gender lens to the issue.

As part of the global Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, WILPF has been at the forefront of calling for a treaty banning autonomous weapons. “Killer robots” are fully autonomous weapon systems. These are weapons that operate without meaningful human control, meaning that the weapon itself can take decisions about where and how it it used; what or whom it is used against; and the effects of use. There are significant gender-related implications for killer robots, which WILPF has also highlighted consistently through its advocacy and research.

This guide is intended to equip WILPF Sections and Groups with information about the issue; WILPF’s approach; and the political process for a ban. It will be a living document, updated periodically to reflect developments (last updated: January 2020).

This publication can be found on the Reaching Critical Will website here and is also available in Spanish and French.

The gendered culture of violent masculinities that surrounds the development of autonomous weapons, likely to be embedded within the technology and its use, will create new challenges for preventing violence, protecting civilians, and breaking down gender essentialisms or discrimination.


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