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Stop Killer Robots calls for new international law on autonomy in weapons systems.


European Parliament resolution a first

The European Parliament has adopted a resolution on the use of armed drones that includes a call for a ban on killer robots. The resolution sponsored by the Greens/European Free Alliance group of Members of the European Parliament…


'RoboCop' hits the right messages

On February 12, a much-anticipated remake of the 1987 film Robocop opened in movie theatres across the United States. Both the original and remake portray the transformation of a policeman in the future into a man-machine hybrid, but the remake also provides some compelling messages for emerging efforts to control fully autonomous weapons in the real world. [Warning –this review contains spoilers]


Infographic by Action on Armed Violence

Action on Armed Violence--a member of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots--has published the following infographic on fully autonomous weapons and the growing international movement to ban the weapons.

Our first year of campaigning

The diplomatic agreement reached by nations on November 15 to begin addressing concerns about fully autonomous weapons or “killer robots” was the most significant milestone to date for the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots, which is working to ensure that targeting and attack decisions are never relinquished to machines. It capped off what has been a remarkable year for this international coalition of non-governmental organizations, which can claim much of the credit for drawing attention to the relentless move toward full autonomy in lethal robotic weapons systems which, unchallenged, would forever change the way wars are fought.

UN wants action on killer robot concerns

In his tenth report on the protection of civilians in armed conflict issued on 22 November 2013, United Nations Secretary-General has called for international action to address the concerns over fully autonomous weapons or 'killer robots.' The remarks are the latest in a string of statements that United Nations (UN) officials have made on the topic during 2013 at the Human Rights Council, Convention on Conventional Weapons, and elsewhere.

High-level outreach in Italy

Italy’s top political leadership has been briefed by Nobel Peace Laureate Jody Williams of the Nobel Women’s Initiative and Italian non-governmental organizations on the need for the government to support the call for a ban on fully autonomous weapons and…

Nations agree to take on killer robots!

The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots welcomes the historic decision taken by nations to begin international discussions on how to address the multiple challenges posed by fully autonomous weapons. It marks the beginning of a process that the campaign believes should lead to an international ban on these weapons to ensure there is always meaningful human control over targeting decisions and the use of violent force.

Seize the opportunity for action

States should seize the opportunity to take international action to prevent the creation of fully autonomous robot weapons. On Friday, 15 November at the United Nations in Geneva, States Parties to the Convention on Conventional Weapons…

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