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New Zealand to push for new international law on Killer Robots

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In a powerful demonstration of political and moral leadership, the government of New Zealand has committed to pursuing new international law to prohibit and regulate autonomy in weapons systems to ensure meaningful human control over force.  

New Zealand’s new policy position was shared by Phil Twyford, Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control on 30th November 2021. Minister Twyford, has previously called for action towards new international law to ban and regulate autonomous weapons systems but this new policy position commits New Zealand to joining and leading these efforts.

"The idea of a future where the decision to take a human life is delegated to machines is abhorrent and inconsistent with NZ’s interests and values, and now we'll work with friends and allies to make sure this never comes to pass."
Phil Twyford, Minister for Disarmament and Arms Control

This new policy position is warmly welcomed by Stop Killer Robots and is the latest illustration of the growing international momentum towards a new legal instrument. Stop Killer Robots recognises and applauds the long standing efforts by campaigners in New Zealand and extends congratulations to each and every person who worked hard to reach this milestone.

We look forward to supporting the government of New Zealand in their work to establish new law and to further build upon their proud history of leading international disarmament efforts and centering human rights, peace and disarmament in their foreign policy.

Clare Conboy

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