Campaign To Stop Killer Robots

Young and future generations will have to live with the consequences of decisions that are being made right now. The development of new technologies with algorithmic bias, climate change, conflicts, social and political inequity and unrest… The world we live in can be complex but often we have more power to influence events than we think. We have already seen the power of youth movements working on social issues around the world. We can change the direction that governments, private companies and individuals are taking. 

When young people come together, we can make the world listen.

Some countries and tech companies are currently working hard to develop new weapons systems that will automate life and death decisions by creating weapons systems that will operate without meaningful human control. These systems would allow selection and engagement of targets to be carried out by machine systems, and could be used in conflict, policing, border control and more.

Killer robots might seem like science fiction, but unfortunately, they are the next big step in digital dehumanisation; in cementing the biases and inequalities of previous generations. But they can be prevented.


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Youth Network

School Students

Uni Students


Youth Network

Youth have a right and responsibility to participate in decisions that impact them. The Youth Network is a place for young leaders to bring their skills and strengths to the movement to ban killer robots. The Network connects young people from around the world, facilitates community and collaboration, and provides accessible resources and opportunities for all youth to join #TeamHuman and secure a future without fully autonomous weapons.

School Students

Every three years since 2002, school students across the Belgian City of Ypres have awarded it’s International Peace Prize to an organisation, person or initiative that has recently contributed to peace. The prize for 2020 was awarded to the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots and ninety percent of those who voted for the Ypres Peace Prize were age 18 or younger.

What does this tell us? That interest in the Campaign and the future we are trying to secure is growing across the world, especially for youth.

Interested in what you can do? Check out our youth network to see what other young people are up to and see if you can bring ideas for action or awareness raising, back to your school, friends and families. Or learn more about the Ypres Peace Prize.

Universities and Killer Robots

Budding policy wonks: Check out these previous reports by Campaign member PAX looking at the role of states, tech companies, arms producers, and universities in contributing to the development of weapons with increasing levels of autonomy.

Students: Take action! Save your university from killer robots.

Lecturers, professors, academics, scientists: Take the pledge! Say no to contributing to autonomous weapons.

Universities play a big role in shaping society. They often drive innovation and play a key role in training the next generation of leaders. Many important inventions used in everyday life, from seatbelts to touchscreens, come from university research – there are many positive impacts and applications university research can have.

However, not all innovations stemming from universities are beneficial. In many countries, the defence industry sponsors university research facilities. Students and professors could be working on a project that will be used to advance development of autonomous weapons. This is why universities should publish clear policies, clarifying where they draw the line between what technology they will and will not develop.

What can you do? Inform yourself, raise awareness, and take action. 


In the summer of 2019, over 40,000 scouts from 169 nations attended the 24th World Scout Jamboreeat the Summit Bechtel Scout Reserve in West Virginia, USA. For over 10 days, Scouts were brought together from the far reaches of the globe to promote peace, mutual understanding, leadership and life skills. Our team spoke to thousands of Scouts, who told us why they are #TeamHuman and want to #KeepCtrl over the use of force.

In 2020, the World Organization of the Scout Movement-Interamerican Region and the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots formed a partnership to strengthen the capacities of children, adolescents and adult Scout volunteers to apply the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly No. 16 “Peace, Justice and Solid Institutions “, in order to mitigate the impact and threats of killer robots to security and peace of the civilian population. The joint endeavor aims to promote the ability to obtain and improve their knowledge of killer robots and the global benefits of their ban in support of global peace.

Explore the co-designed platform ‘Youth Against Killer Robots’ to learn more about this partnership and complete activities to raise awareness on autonomous weapons.

What Can You Do?


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A comprehensive ban is possible


Over 90 countries are participating in UN talks on the concerns raised by fully autonomous weapons, also known as lethal autonomous weapons systems. While countries from North America and Europe have been slow to move forward on negotiations, a growing number of countries from Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East and North Africa are calling for a ban. Bold political leadership is urgently needed to launch negotiations on an international treaty to prohibit fully autonomous weapons and retain meaningful human control over the use of force.

This page was developed by youth within the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots.