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The evolution of disruptive technologies and lethal autonomous weapons systems: considerations from the milita

This document addresses the issues of international politics and the different positions and strategies of the main international actors regarding the evolution of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS), and implications in the defense and security scenario and the strategic military dimensions.

The exponential evolution of disruptive technologies in the future will mark a substantive imbalance in the power differential, and at present it begins to generate debates in relation to the implications for the international agenda and security (arms race and proliferation) and the consequent ethical demands- laws on the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the military field, Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (SAALs).

This document is also available in Spanish.

Within the framework of the logic of war under the principle and expectation of victory, these technologies will consolidate a differential of power and dissuasive military capacity by having weapons capable of enabling participation in international warfare with guarantees of success.

Centro de Estudios de Política Internacional

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