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Keeping Control: European positions on lethal autonomous weapon systems

This report reviews European positions on various issues including the need for human control of weapons systems and the call for prohibition.

PAX has compiled an overview of the positions of European states by analysing statements given at the CCW and other forums, in working papers, national policies and other publicly available information. PAX also used information provided by Ministries of Foreign Affairs in response to written questions. The states included in this report are European Union (EU) Member states, EFTA states and the Holy See. They will be referred to in this paper as the European states. All are High Contracting Parties to the CCW and have attended the CCW meetings. PAX has used the information available up to August 2017. Statements at the 2017 UN General Assembly First Committee have not been included. It is important to keep in mind that states use different definitions when speaking of LAWS and (fully) autonomous weapons. It is important to realize that positions can change over time.

The original publication can be found here.


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