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Parliamentary Pledge Signatories

The following parliamentarians have signed the Stop Killer Robots Parliamentary Pledge:

We, the undersigned parliamentarians, are deeply concerned about the ethical, legal, and humanitarian risks posed by the development and use of autonomy in weapon systems. Machines should not kill people.

We pledge to support our governments to negotiate new international law on autonomous weapon systems that rejects the automation of killing and ensures meaningful human control over the use of force.

Jordan Steele-John Australia Senate
David Shoebridge Australia Senate
Andrew Wilkie Australia House of Representatives
Christophe Lacroix Belgium Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe
Hervé Rigot Belgium House of Representatives
Laurence Zachetta Belgium House of Representatives
Chanelle Bonaventure Belgium House of Representatives
Matthew Green Canada House of Commons
Elizabeth May Canada House of Commons
David Epp Canada House of Commons
Lindsey Mathyssen Canada House of Commons
Alejandro Garcia Rios Colombia House of Representatives
Jorge Hernan Bastidas Rosero Colombia House of Representatives
Veronika Honkasalo Finland Parliament of Finland
Liban Sheikh Finland City Council of Tampere
Eveliina Heinäluoma Finland Parliament of Finland
Johannes Koskinen Finland Parliament of Finland
Oras Tynkkynen Finland Parliament of Finland
Jussi Saramo Finland Parliament of Finland
Li Andersson Finland Parliament of Finland
Alviina Alametsä Finland European Parliament
Bastien Lachaud France Assemblée nationale
Aurélien Saintoul France Assemblée nationale
Olivier Faure France Assemblée nationale
Guillaume Gontard France Sénat
Guy Benarroche France Sénat
Grégory Blanc France Sénat
Ronan Dantec France Sénat
Thomas Dossus France Sénat
Jacques Fernique France Sénat
Antoinette Guhl France Sénat
Yannick Jadot France Sénat
Monique de Marco France Sénat
Akli Mellouli France Sénat
Mathilde Ollivier France Sénat
Raymonde Poncet Monge France Sénat
Daniel Salmon France Sénat
Ghislaine Senée France Sénat
Anne Souyris France Sénat
Mélanie Vogel France Sénat
Julien Bayou France Assemblée nationale
Gregor Gysi Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Dr. Petra Sitte Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Ates Gürpinar Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Dr. Dietmar Bartsch Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Heidi Reichinnek Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Matthias W. Birkwald Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Kathrin Vogler Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Ralph Lenkert Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Pascal Meiser Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Sören Pellmann Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Victor Perli Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Andrej Hunko Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Janine Wissler Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Petra Pau Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Anke Domscheit-Berg Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Christian Leye Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Bernd Riexinger Germany Federal Assembly (Bundestag)
Ingrid Fiskaa Norway Norwegian Parliament
Birgit Oline Kjerstad Norway Norwegian Parliament
Kari Elisabeth Kaski Norway Norwegian Parliament
Audun Lysbakken Norway Norwegian Parliament
Raúl Benítez Paraguay Cámara de Diputados del Congreso Nacional

Updated: April 2024

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