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Ask if they support the calls to ban fully autonomous weapons that would select and attack targets without human control.



Non-governmental organizations can apply to become a member of the campaign by emailing campaign staff (view email) . There are no fees.
Government representatives should endorse and work for a ban on fully autonomous weapons.
Technology companies should publicly commit not to engage in the development of fully autonomous weapons and call for a ban.
Individual experts working in artificial intelligence, robotics and related fields are encouraged to join the International Committee for Robot Arms Control, a co-founder of our campaign.

Upcoming events

Protestant Academy Conference on a Future Arms Control Regime to Regulate Autonomous Weapons with HRW's Mary Wareham
Seminar on lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS) hosted by the Government of Brazil
Second global meeting of the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots
Conference at the University I Jaume with Dr. Joaquin Rodríguez Álvarez


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